A Day in the My Life as an Author

The last few weeks have been really interesting and challenging. Writing stories has been the easier part. I write every day, so I’m used to spending hours at the keyboard typing out my next story whether it’s about puppyplay, ponyplay, BDSM, or paranormal characters. Writing new books is the part of the process I love and I hope that it shows.

More challenging has been putting everything together to publish my erotica stories. There’s the formatting. I thought Kindle Create was a pain in the ass until I had to spend at least 4 hours today creating a format for my story published through Smashwords. The cover creation for Kindle e-books is very easy to do, but I was on my own for creating an appropriate cover to add to my Smashwords book.

The rest of my time is spent marketing. Right now I’m mostly using Twitter because Facebook doesn’t allow pen name accounts. I’m always looking for places to help get the word out.

If you enjoy my stories, please leave a review and drop me a line through email.

Alexis Furr

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