Bring Out Your Inner Naughty Puppy

Not every puppy can be a good puppy. Naughty Puppy Collection brings together four stories of women in naughty situations wanting to be human puppies for their Masters.


*Teacher’s Pet: (A Teacher’s Pet Puppyplay Series Book 1)

After a college coed receives a bad grade on a project, her professor proposes an unusual option for extra credit involving a night of puppy play

*Teacher’s Pets: (A Teacher’s Pet Puppyplay Series Book 2)
Ally, Emily’s best friend, has figured out about Emily’s relationship with Professor Hart and is threatening to turn them in. Emily wrestled with her feelings when the professor offers Ally the chance to join them in their puppy games.

*My Step-Brother’s New Puppy (Step-Brother’s Puppy Series Book 1)

When Harper stumbles across her brother’s puppyplay porn it awakens a yearning in her to be his lover and puppy. She just has to convince him that he wants her, too.

Bad Puppy: A Puppyplay Story
Scarlett isn’t always an obedient puppy for her Master, Ethan. Master has punishments and surprises up his sleeve to try to tame her. Can he transform her into an obedient puppy?

Join these sexy women as they learn to embrace their inner puppy side with The Naughty Puppy Collection.

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