Best Places to Get Inspiration

panoramic view of a modern mall

Writers are a creative bunch, but we’re always looking for new ideas and for ways to continue a Work in Progress. Inspiration can come out of nowhere, but there are places where inspiration blooms. Here in no particular order are some of the places that work best for me for when I write erotica, paranomal, and BDSM ebooks for Kindle. In no particular order:

  1. Places to Eat Near Me – Taking time to go to restaurants can help fuel the brain at places near me can be useful. Food is fuel for the brain and when I get to writing I sometimes get too distracted to eat. Taking myself away from my computer for an hour or two forces me to get food. Also, I usually have friends or family members with me that I can toss ideas off of.
  2. Coffee Shops – Coffee shops are an awesome place for inspiration. They usually let you bring your computer with you so you can actively write or get down notes. I get out of my normal environment and can people watch as I go. It worked for J. K. Rowling. Just be sure to be courteous and buy something from them and don’t stay too long.
  3. Beaches – I’ve been privileged enough to travel to various beaches over my lifetime. I love to write stories there because it’s warm and there’s the sound of waves in the background. A covered picnic table or a seat at a restaurant overlooking the water i best so that you don’t risk damaging your computer.

    Another benefit is that you can go swimming and see nature and wildlife. This can free your mind away from the hustle and bustle of life.

    Some of the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit have been in Key West and Hawaii.
  4. Shower – A great place for getting more ideas is under the spray of the shower. Warm water and the sound of the cascade falling over you can be relaxing. When you’re in the shower, there’s nothing else you can do besides get washed and think. I like to mull over my stories during this time and plan my next move.
  5. My Home – This seems counter-intuitive. You probably do most of your writing at work, but you don’t have to leave the home to stir up some inspiration. Take your laptop or a notepad to a different place in the house. Maybe move to the dining room table, or sit outside on the porch or desk. A different environment can shake up things. I usually write on my laptop, but have a desktop computer. Even just switching computers can shake things up.
  6. Mall – The food court at the mall is a great place to go. You can fuel up on food and generally stay as long as you like unlike a normal restaurant or coffee house. I like the drone of sound as people talk around me. It’s almost like white noise after a while. Also, it’s a great way to people watch which can help with character ideas.
  7. A Park Near Me – Getting back to nature is relaxing and relaxing can help if daily life is getting in the way of writing or you’re stuck. Sometimes I take my laptop and write at a bench near somewhere pretty like a lake. Other times it helps just to enjoy the park and go walking or hiking. Like the shower, the only thing you can do at this time is enjoy the environment and think.
  8. Jogging – When I go jogging, ideas often shake themselves out. Exercise can get the blood flow going and can be relaxing (for some people). Often my mind drifts during these times and I can work on writing ideas.
  9. My Bed – One of my favorite places to get ideas is right before bed or when waking up. I often think of my stories to help myself get to sleep. And while I’m sleeping I get ideas for stories as well. Some of my best ideas have come this way. Just be sure to keep a notepad or your book close by so that you don’t forget those ideas.
  10. Listening to Music or Watching TV – When I write, I usually have music or the tv on in the background. It helps drown out other sounds in the house and I can take breaks here and there just to enjoy what I’m listening to or watching. Just be careful not to pick something that you get too into.

These are just a few suggestions if you’re in need to get the creative juices flowing. Just remember to bring your phone or a notebook to jot those ideas down!

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