How Twitter Became My Community

I started this journey as an erotica ebook writer for Amazon Kindle on November 16th of last year. I never really expected much, but I thought I’d give self-publishing a try. Having no idea where to advertise, I took the advice of a couple of websites and books to use social media to get word out about my first book: Teacher’s Pet: A Puppyplay Series Book 1. I decided to start with Facebook and Twitter (mostly because I still don’t quite understand Instagram).

First I started with Facebook. I soon discovered that there was no way to create an account with a dedicated pen name. The best I could do was to make a page using my psuedonym. I made the page and quickly realized that it was more or less useless to me because I couldn’t send posts out to my friends and family about writing erotica and my real name would be visible in any closed groups I joined. I posted a couple of posts on my page, but had no one to see them and I was forever afraid that I’d accidentally post something on my timeline. I quickly gave up on using Facebook as an idea.

I decided to see if I’d have better luck on Twitter. I’d never joined it before because I couldn’t figure out what type of meaningful interactions one could have in the limited amount of characters it allows. I admit to being rather prejudice against it in the past.

I signed up and somehow, I’m not even sure how now, things just clicked. Some of the advice I was given was to follow accounts and then other people who are already following them will start to follow you. Soon I was gaining followers at a steady pace and I didn’t even know what I was doing. I sent out my first tweets advertising my first book and hoped for the best.

At some point, I started noticing #writingcommunity popping up all over the place and along them #writerslift as members of the community created posts for people to interact with and to follow. Many would tweet out other people’s names as thanks for supporting them. Soon I was following and retweeting these posts and then I began starting my own posts.

Very quickly my follow list began to grow. And as it began to grow, I became more and more involved. Instead of being useless, I had found a group that managed to talk about writing and supported each other despite what I thought would be a handicap in the limited number of characters allowed in each post. What’s more, this group had welcomed me in and given me a place to show off my work and the encouragement to continue writing.

Since then I’ve met multiple people I consider friends and big supporters. They check in with me and talk to me about writing and encourage me. I continue to participate and engage with the community even as #writerslift has decreased due to some fears about a change in the rules about promoting following of other people on twitter. I’ve found a great group of people and hope to keep meeting more people as time goes by.

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