Need Some More Inspiration? Try a Book of Prompts

Where the Best Ideas Come From

So you’ve tried people watching at Starbucks of the mall, you’ve gone jogging, and you’ve taken a long hot shower but you still don’t have the inspiration you’re looking for. Maybe you’re looking to start your first Work In Progress whether it be a new short story, an ebook, or a blog post. Or maybe you’re part way into your next story and you get stuck. What now?

A good place to start is to go looking through a book of prompts. These wonderful assets are great ways to find ideas that can get your creativity flowing. They can offer scenarios that can spark the idea for a whole new project or help you get past writer’s block. A good prompt book can be indispensable.

If you’re an erotica author, old or new, you need your own prompt book that is geared towards your genre. You can find this book in The Huge Collection of Erotica Prompts Journal. Here you’ll find three years worth of prompts ranging from one word to full scenarios and broken up by month. You can find it on as an e-book. It’s available on Kindle Unlimited.

Read The Huge Collection of Erotica Prompts Journal and start writing today. And please leave me a review.

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