Why Do I Write?

What a wonderful beginning

I’ve been a writer since I was in Elementary School. My first story was a mystery about a horse getting poisoned. (It was totally award winning.) My mom told me that it was great and I’ve been writing ever since then.

Afterwards, the next major novel I wrote was in middle school. I moved into writing about vampires and wrote a book about vampires that featured my English teacher that I had a crush on as the main romantic character. I embarrassed myself completely by asking him to edit my book. Things got awkward from there…

In High School I joined an RPG involving a popular book series (this was prior to Harry Potter, so that’s not the series). I became heavily involved in it for years and as I got older I wrote many characters, made friends that I came to know in Real Life, and I started writing my first erotic stories with some of the people in the game.

During this time, I cycled in and out of Major Depression. Writing was my biggest coping mechanism and I only stopped writing at the times I was at rock bottom. I learned with time that I have Bipolar Disorder and went through years of finding the right combination of therapy and meds to get me stable. Writing remained my biggest coping mechanism.

I continued to write for the RPG while writing my own stories on the side. A couple of years I tried out NaNoWriMo and even made my goal twice. I tried reading my last successful NaNo a year or so back and realized it was like reading someone else’s book insofar as I had no memory of what happened. The amount of angst in it was hardly surprising, though.

About 5 years ago, I started writing a paranormal story with one of my RPG partners. We wrote continuously almost daily up until last year when my partner became too busy for the same writing pace (though we still slowly write together). The book turned into a “series” that spans three different major locations, dozens of individual books featuring romantic storylines, and numbers easily near a thousand worth of pages.

With the decrease in writing with my partner, I started looking for ways to fill the void. I started numerous book ideas, but nothing stuck until I had a very detailed dream. That dreamed turned into my first concerted non-NaNo book after six months of hard work.

Looking for a break from my book before editing, I decided to give smaller storylines a try. I found that they came a lot more easily to me than full length novels. I decided on a whim to start publishing on Amazon Kindle expecting very little other than to say I did it. I’ve always liked writing erotic stories and had the idea of a teacher and his student getting involved in the puppyplay world. That book became the first book I published: Teacher’s Pet: A Puppyplay Series, followed by my idea for a centaur ponplay book: The Centaur’s Pony.

Since then I’ve continued writing. More ideas keep coming to me. That’s part of the reason I decided to write The Huge Collection of Erotica Prompts Journal so that I could get out my ideas and also share them with other erotica writers. I know that prompt books have been helpful to me in the past.

I intend to continue writing. It continues to be my biggest coping mechanism. I know I’ll never be an award winning author that can make a living off of my work, but I celebrate the small success I have had and hope that I can keep entertaining people with my books from my puppyplay, ponyplay, BDSM, and paranormal books.

So why do you write? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @alexisafurr.

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