Dreaded Writer’s Block

At some point in every writer’s life, they’ll come up against the Dreaded Writer’s Block. Those moments when you want to write but either you put your hands to the keyboard (or pick up your pen) and nothing comes out, or you just can’t bring yourself even to start or even be in the sameContinue reading “Dreaded Writer’s Block”

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

Avoid adverbs. Never use words to describe how someone spoke besides ‘said’ and ‘asked’. Never use ‘said’ or ‘asked’. I before E except after C. “Rules” for writing are everywhere and it seems like everyone has one. Many are contradictory. What’s a writer to do? What are some of the reasons for these rules? DoContinue reading “Rules Are Meant to Be Broken”

Need Some More Inspiration? Try a Book of Prompts

So you’ve tried people watching at Starbucks of the mall, you’ve gone jogging, and you’ve taken a long hot shower but you still don’t have the inspiration you’re looking for. Maybe you’re looking to start your first Work In Progress whether it be a new short story, an ebook, or a blog post. Or maybeContinue reading “Need Some More Inspiration? Try a Book of Prompts”

Best Places to Get Inspiration

Writers are a creative bunch, but we’re always looking for new ideas and for ways to continue a Work in Progress. Inspiration can come out of nowhere, but there are places where inspiration blooms. Here in no particular order are some of the places that work best for me for when I write erotica, paranomal,Continue reading “Best Places to Get Inspiration”

Third Sexy Centaur Ponyplay Story Now Out

If you can’t get enough hot centaur puppyplay you can find it in the third book of the Centaur’s Ponies Series. And if you haven’t read any of panty soaking series, you can find it in the Centaur’s Pony Collection. In Belonging to the Centaurs, centaurs come every year to bring back unmarried women toContinue reading “Third Sexy Centaur Ponyplay Story Now Out”

New Year’s Resolution

Everyone keeps asking about New Year’s Resolutions. There’s the standard eating healthier, losing weight, etc. But what about writing and reading resolutions? I’ve given mine some thought and besides continuing to write and put out sexy puppyplay, ponyplay, paranormal, and BDSM erotica stories, I’m also going to read and review at least one book aContinue reading “New Year’s Resolution”

Additions to the Teacher’s Pet Series

You can now get the third story in the Teacher’s Pet Puppyplay Erotica Series or you can get a collection of all three. Read the first two on Kindle Unlimited before you read the lastest. Leave a review and let me know what you think! Emily is sad when her fellow “puppy” is going overseasContinue reading “Additions to the Teacher’s Pet Series”

Making Writing a Habit

One concern I hear a lot is that people want to write, but they can’t find the time. Life is busy and there’s an endless supply of distractions to keep us away from our beloved craft. How can you carve out time to write and make it an ingrained habit? Figure out what time ofContinue reading “Making Writing a Habit”