PuppyPlay Stories

Stories for Puppies at Heart

Signify puppy play stories

Teacher’s Pet – A Professor helps a student find her inner puppy

Teacher’s Pets – Book 2 – What happens when a second student joins a Professor and his student in puppyplay?

Teachers’ Pets – Book 3 – What happens when Professor Hart wants to bring in another Professor to be Emily’s Master?

Teacher’s Pet Series Collection – Read the whole puppyplay series and follow Emily’s journey.

Puppy Wanted – A man follows an ad for a man looking to add a second puppy to his house.

My Step-Brother’s New Puppy – A step-sister wrestles with the desire to be her step-brother’s puppy.

A Puppy for Christmas – A women considers giving herself as a puppy to her boyfriend for Christmas.

A New Puppy Collection – A collection of puppyplay stories where women are finding their puppyside.

Naughty Puppy Collection – A collect of taboo puppyplay stories including a professor and his students, a step-brother and step-sister, and a Master and his disobedient puppy.

A Puppy for the Neighbors: A Puppyplay Story – Two women introduce their neighbor to the pleasures of puppyplay.


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